Running the Alaskan coast.

No, it is actually colder than it looks... At these temperatures, you need to ensure all parts of your body are adequately insulated from the cold (all parts...if you know what I mean).

Run under the falls in Oregon.

Two runners cruise along the path under Ponytail Falls in the Gorge Falls 50k. There may not be a more picturesque 50K in the world. If you are up the the Pacific NW, be sure to check out this course along the Columbia River!

Mountain Masochist 2012

Runners race off into the darkness at the start of the 2012 Mountain Masochist 50 Miler. Check the Forums for race reports.

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The latest in ultra running news from around the country.  Who is the favorite for Western States?  Wait…huh – what did Nikki Kimball just do!?  Find the latest news here, along with some original articles from some of the best writers in ultra running.  Must reads.


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When is the race?  What’s the terrain?  Any race reports from last year?  Is anyone else running this race next month?  Inside the Ultra Forum you’ll find race details and can ask questions to your experienced peers.  Its like an online aid station!


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Check out the latest reviews on your favorite running gear along with tons of ultra running information.  We will review not only shoes, but headlamps, hydration gear, nutrition, shorts…everything!  We will also look at the most helpful ultra running books for the newbies out there.  Information is everything!


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How many racers will finish the Barkeley Marathon?  Who will win Leadville?  What is your peak weekly mileage before a 100-mile race?  Who makes the best running shoes?  Have you seriously thought about having your toenails surgically removed?

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